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The team at Careeradex has been working long and hard at this concept. There are so many business and social networks out there, but none of them share ad revenue and referral fees back to their communities. That’s the Careeradex difference: where your networking finally pays off!

Careeradex, a Career Intelligence Platform focused on a social engagement movement, provides career-specific communities and their members with career-related services, education and tools.

The Company’s unique revenue sharing model is an industry game changer within the Ad, Social Media and Human Capital Industries. Early adopters will drive the new movement in the way people participate in their careers.

Careeradex is all about careers. It is a next-generation social networking platform aimed at helping people and companies connect to build their future teams. Are you ready to join this movement?

Mission: In every step we take, we ask ourselves first, is this in the best interest of our members and their careers?