The Careeradex Team

Careeradex is headed by a powerful team with experience and vision.

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Ron is the visionary and voice of Careeradex. He has been recruiting and coaching people on all levels for close to a decade, and this is his passion.   Ron was born in Seattle, Washington before there was a coffee shop on every corner.   After attending Northrop University and spending a couple years with Mercedes Benz, Ron was recruited into Geartner Associates Inc., a premier “manufacturing rep. firm” in the consumer electronics industry. Finding a natural talent, Ron accelerated to the VP of Sales & Marketing in two years with sales achievements resulting in over $300 million in five years.   Early in his corporate executive track, Ron’s entrepreneurial spirit took hold. This resulted in the success of acclaimed Team Divers South Beach, FL., which featured diving with sharks aboard a 110’ internationally flagged vessel, conservation awareness, developing & BETA testing shark repelling technologies in concert with the Natal Shark Board in South Africa and producing and supporting multiple underwater documentaries with National Geographic, Discovery and The Learning Channel. Ron also held the Director of Operations position for Caribbean Enterprises Limited.   After being “underwater” for 10 years, Ron moved to Bend, Oregon and launched his Executive Search career with Management Recruiters International (MRI). In 2001, within 18 months from his start, Ron ranked the #1 MRI billing Recruiter, out of 5000 recruiters in the Pacific Region and maintained a Top 5% status nationwide.    
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Tara Orchard, (H)B.A., M.A., is a Career Performance/Transition Coach, Social Network Builder, Trainer, and Resilience Facilitator. Over the past 18 years she has provided consultation and training to individuals and organizations seeking to gain insights and develop strategies to promote positive and effective change. Tara was born literally in the middle of North America, the geographic centre of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Google it!).  She completed an undergraduate degree from the University of Winnipeg where she learned the value of performance psychology while studying with a renowned Canadian sports psychologist, Cal Botterill and then moved to Ontario where she completed a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Guelph. Graduating into another recession she learned very early to be career creative, laying the foundation for her protean career. A quick adapter of ideas and technology Tara found social networks early and has built an understanding of the psychology of social media engagement into her repertoire. Tara juggles an active family life with many interesting career adventures including consulting, coaching and writing. She has enjoyed mashing up her in-depth understanding of perception and personality type theory with emotional intelligence, constructivist theory and brain neuroplasticity as a means of helping people become unstuck, build resilience and move forward. Tara believes that selecting, building and actualizing a career is a high performance sport and, as such, should be facilitated by a high performance coach.   
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Tom leads employer sales and the legal network for Careeradex. A consummate professional and entrepreneur, Tom co-founded Hennessy & Roach, a general practice law firm based in Chicago. Tom advocates a relationship with clients that goes beyond simply working on a specific engagement.   Tom is the fourth of seven children raised by school teacher parents in the Beverly neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.  
Tom was inspired by his parents to pursue college at Illinois State University. He was inspired by his older sister to become an attorney and obtain a law degree at The John Marshall Law School. He was inspired to be an entrepreneur by the owners of the supermarket who employed him during high school and college. He was inspired by his brother-in-law to start his own law firm (Hennessy & Roach). And now that Tom is at a point in his life where "success" needs to be defined by more than just cash-flow, he is inspired by Ron to help millions of people pursue their career dreams at Careeradex.   In his spare time, Tom is an avid golfer and may even consider skiing with Ron at some point.
Learn more about Suzy.
Suzy leads Careeradex’s research, social media, social technologies and competitive intelligence efforts.   Growing up as a US Diplomat’s child, Suzy lived all over the world, experiencing many cultures at a very early age. This multi-cultural childhood was instrumental in forming her passion for connecting people, and later in life, creating an innate drive to explore and implement networking and research methodologies.  
Professionally, Suzy has worked with the likes of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, United International Pictures, A&M Records, Management Recruiters International, Deloitte and Microsoft. Suzy has retained an entrepreneurial spirit all throughout her corporate career, and is a co-founder of Careeradex.   Suzy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Florida International University, and enjoys being a tech beta tester, networking and connecting people, skiing, diving, cooking, traveling, and anything on the water and mountains.
Learn more about Justin.
Justin leads the design and development of our web technologies. Having 10+ years experience in web design and development, and being what some people might call a "first generation digital native", Justin balances technical knowledge with an eye for intuitive interfaces: simple, accessible, empowering. Above all, Justin enjoys bringing the knowledge and insights of experts to the wider community through dynamic, open-ended software products. When Justin is not contributing to Careeradex, he studies Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington, hikes in the North Cascades and rides his 1980s Schwinn Le Tour every chance he gets.