imagine2Careeradex is a new type of social network. We combine the features you expect from a social network with paradigm-shifting rewards programs and CRM-like tools. Our goal is to help job seekers optimize their career development process, streamline the candidate-sourcing process for hiring managers, and help everyone stay connected with their future teams!

How do we finance all this? Social networks generate billions of dollars in ad revenue – and, it’s because YOU and your friends use their sites. Now IMAGINE if they gave 50% of their ad revenue back to YOU.

Well, Careeradex DOES. Learn more below about what our community revenue-sharing model allows us to do!

Jobseekers: find, or create, your dream job

The job economy has changed: professionals are more dynamic than ever, and through faster-and-faster job transitions, bring an increasingly-varied mix of talents, abilities and insights. If you are a job seeker, there is probably someone out there, at this very minute, desperately trying to find you. Help them! Careeradex provides opportunities like no other to help you identify your dream position, strategically develop yourself for the position, market your individual features to that company and then get the job!

  • High-touch, expert-driven community

    Careeradex has partnered with a diverse team of proven experts – we call them the Cdex100. The Cdex100 can provide valuable advice on all aspects related to your career: assessment, resume writing, career marketing, performance coaching, finances, legal and more. The Cdex100 is your personal career development support team! (Learn more about the Cdex100)

  • Careeradex Career Marketing Plan (Premium members)

    Premium members gain access to our proprietary career development guide, the Career Marketing Program (CMP). The CMP is a proven methodology for job acquisition that includes chapters on self-assessment, career awareness, developing branded career marketing materials & presentations and more.

Hiring? Find the best candidates, fast!

Having the right individual on your team – passionate about your mission and a good fit for your company’s culture – can be a make-or-break win in the competitive business world of today…and no one knows individuals like their friends. Careeradex incentivizes candidates and their peers so the right individuals come to you.

  • Pay-for-Performance (PfP) Candidate Referrals

    Companies that are searching for talent agree to pay a flat fee of $1,500 when they find a candidate in Careeradex.

Build & develop teams, share in the rewards.

We know that most professionals are both Job Seekers and Hiring Managers at different times. No matter what role you’re in at the moment, working with compatible people makes your work more effective and more enjoyable. But while you are probably already trying to carry your dream-team into new opportunities, no one shares the monetary rewards of this process like Careeradex does.

Build your future team.

  • Cdex™ Team Sourcing

    A leading HR executive and thought leader in the Human Capital industry said, “One of these days, Hiring Managers will be directly connected to their future team members.” We agree. Careeradex helps make this a reality. We can help connect YOU to your FUTURE TEAM. The next time you’re looking for a new opportunity you will know who to contact. The next time you need to hire someone you’ll know where they are. Put your dream team together prior to the interview and the Hiring Manager will be impressed. The next time an interviewer asks you if you have a network of people you can tap in to, your answer will be: YES!

Earn rewards via Community Revenue Sharing (CR$)

  • 15% of placement fee for “1st Line” connections

    When a Careeradex Recruiter places one of your “1st Line” connections in a position (a person you initially invited into Careeradex via our Cdex™ Invite feature), we share 15% of the placement fee with you.

  • $500 reward if you are selected by a Hiring Manager via Careeradex

    Yep, we split the profits with you, even if you are already getting a great, new job out of it!

  • $50 reward if your “1st Line” connection becomes a Premium member

    We think the tools and benefits that come with Careeradex Premium membership are pretty awesome. If you do, too, tell your friends. If they upgrade, you get $50. Easy.

The job economy is constantly changing. Careeradex can help you evolve your career to gain the advantage and take your career to the next level.  Join the Careeradex community. We’re with you. Evolve!